Commpro Trade is a Czech exporter of wood and offers a wide array of services in forestry. Our company boasts a vast network of trusted clients and business partners not only in the Czech Republic but also in the foreign markets. 


Our company has recently been exporting timber to 6 markets – Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, and China. We source timber from reliable suppliers of various kinds, including state and municipalities, private logging companies, and individual owners of forests.


We are capable of supplying both softwood and hardwood logs of all lengths and quality grades according to the client’s specification.


Services for clients:


  • Sawn logs and pulpwood of various lengths according to client’s specification

  • Firewood

  • Chopped timber

  • Timber transportation

  • Wood chips and sawdust

  • Structural timber and lumber


Services for suppliers:


  • Purchase of sawn timber

  • Purchase of standing timber

  • Logging and transportation



Forestland investment


Our company is interested in purchasing the forestland in Czech Republic. In case you would like to sell your forest land, do not hesitate to contact us. 



Commpro Trade, among few trading companies in the Czech Republic, is holder of prestigious FSC® certification of responsible forest management, awarded by international organisation Forest Stewardship Council®. FSC® certification system is based on principles that take into account social, environmental, and economic aspects of forest management, which were edited by professionals in areas of forestry, nature conservation, and rural development.



Jan Vaněk (CZE)

Purchase and sales of timber, forestland investment

GSM/Whatsapp: +420 724 584 209


Jan Vaněk jr. (ENG)

Sales of timber

GSM/Whatsapp: +420 702 152 260



Disclaimer: Images displayed above are for the sole purpose of illustration. Only the products that are identified as such are FSC® certified.